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24 Hour Locate24 Hour Locate

24 Hour Locate mimics human skip tracing by aggregating a subject’s address information from multiple public and private record databases (including multiple credit header sources), and ranking located addresses with a proprietary scoring algorithm. Located addresses are validated against the USPS address data file for accuracy.


Multiple, Reliable Sources

By using multiple sources, verified against the servee Social Security Numbers—either provided by you via a secure data exchange or located by our trained investigators—24 Hour Locate greatly reduces the risk of false identification that can occur with single source commercial skip-tracing tools.

24 Hour Locate utilizes automated batch data processes to do all this at a much higher speed than what we could accomplish with a team of skip tracers, with no degradation of quality. With this product we can now conduct several thousand servee locates per week, where we were once lucky to do this volume in a month.

Skip Tracing Done Right

What does this mean for you? Instead of waiting on hold here at ABC, your process is rerouted to a servee’s current address much faster, at a lower cost than traditional skip trace methods and with more accuracy than single source commercial skip trace options.