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ABC's automation of collection services technology makes you more money with less hassle.

Get Started with Collection Services
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Bundle Fixed Costs into Collection Services

If it's part of your legal process, but it's not practicing law or client support- automate it.  Process automation through Process Service and Court Filing with ABC.

  • All your back office costs bundled into fixed-rate Filing & Service of Process
  • Secure Electronic Data Exchange
  • Process Server Tracking
  • Venue Validation, Attorney Fee & Filing Calculators built into each service of process
  • Document Production

We digitally transfer case data, eliminating data entry, time, cost, and errors. We image all your court-conformed documents and upload those directly into your case management system, and deliver custom reporting straight to your inbox.

Talk of the Town

“I would recommend ABC. At both firms that I have been and worked with ABC we used them for debt collection matters. ABC bends over backwards to support their clients and provide whatever services are necessary. I also know that their infrastructure is fantastic and that they are way ahead of the game in automation.”

Julie Hanestad
Zwicker & Associates, P.C.

If you've ever dreamed of your process server being part of your IT department (and who hasn't?) wake up and realize it with ABC Process Service.





Tasted the Whole Enchilada?

If you want to increase your net-back par, increase liquidation rates and bring more dollars to your bottom line for collection services, contact ABC Legal today and ask about "The Whole Enchilada".

Once you taste the Whole Enchilada your legal process will never be the same!