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Our extensive national and international process service network allows us to operate wherever you need us to.

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Strong Technology Backbone

At ABC, we design our processes to work in tandem with your own. We maximize profits through economies of scale, and take the hassle off your plate. National and international process service has never been simpler.

  • 35 Years of Experience
  • International Service Available
  • Flat-Rate Pricing for Every Order
  • Secure Electronic Data Exchange
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Venue Validation and Attorney Fee Tools

We digitally transfer case data, eliminating data entry, time, cost, and errors. We image all court-conformed documents and upload those directly into your system, and provide custom reporting straight to your inbox.

"We always used many servers throughout California in years past and in an effort to get better control of our servers, streamline the process and try to reduce labor, I made the decision to move to only one server and that was ABC... [t]his ended up eliminating a full time employee at the same time as we were doubling the number of suits filed. Further our service rate went up by well over 20%. ... ABC is so much further advanced in technology than any other service company I have dealt with."

-Julie H., Satisfied Customer

With ABC, you're no longer in the dark. Receive current reporting on all your serves at intervals you specify.




We offer $95 flat-fee service of process to anywhere in the U.S., with volume discounts available.