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ABC Legal is the industry leader in providing fast, secure and successful service of process across town, nationwide and across the globe.  The ABC Advantage includes several innovations unique for ABC clients that make your job faster, easier and hassle-free.

Need service on a single case?

Are you not a law firm? No problem. We can also serve for Pro Se plaintiffs and the general public.

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Faster Service of Process iconFaster Service of Process

  • Always know where to file with venue validation
  • Know exactly what it costs and how much you can charge with attorney & filing fee calculators

Less Paperwork for Service of Process iconLess Paperwork

  • Every filing and document is digitized and bar-coded
  • Every document stored in a secure, password-protected location
  • Web tools allow you access to your information anywhere, anytime

Service of process error reduction iconError Reduction

  • Address scrubbing ensures accuracy and speed of serves
  • Two-Way Secure Data Exchange gets your orders to us and the results back to you--instantly

More successful service of process ratesMore Successful Service of Process Rates

  • 24-Hour Locate gets more defendants located faster than ever

Service of process transparency iconTransparency in Real Time

  • Get mobile field reports of every attempt and serve, all updated in real-time
  • Specific vendor to-do lists make it clear exactly what’s needed and when
  • Automated systems make creating, transmitting and storing filings a snap
  • The Assignment Dashboard helps your jobs get done faster and more accurately