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Unlawful detainer and foreclosure processing that makes you more money with less hassle using automation technology.

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Technology Backed Unlawful Detainers

Our technology backed processes work in seemlessly with your own to ensure that you can use unlawful detainer or foreclosure services to get the job done quickly. Unlawful Detainers have never been simpler.

  • Fast service--we know time is of the essence
  • Flat-Rate Pricing for Every Order
  • Secure Electronic Data Exchange
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Venue Validation and Attorney Fee Tools

We digitally transfer case data, eliminating data entry, time, cost, and errors. We image all court-conformed documents and upload those directly into your system, and provide custom reporting straight to your inbox.

"I could recommend ABC for a number of reasons - technology, adaptability, personnel, reliability, and efficiency to name a few."

-Mark W., Satisfied Customer


Find out about your  unlawful detainer and foreclosure serves whenever you want; ABC's technology based solutions provide complete transparency. 




Service begins at $95, with volume discounts available.